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Want to see me teaching go to and in search type: DanceDispatch or dancewithmonika. Look for my short summary lesson videos of my latin technique. Now also available in International Ballroom.

Dance is, in general terms, human movement with an implied purpose such as the communication of an aesthetic or emotional idea, participation with music, and/or the achievement of certain mind-body states, sometimes spiritual-mystical ones, sometimes as simple as body fitness.



  1. 3 Ps. What more suitable time to mention this important subject of Posture, Poise and Presentation.

What is Good Posture?..That is a million dollar Question!     As we have evolved from lower forms of life, the Human Species have gained an Upright Posture. So, it may be said that Posture is "How we carry our Bodies". It is like stacking up dominos, one on top of the other and how well we can do it. The most important domino units we have are our Vertebrae in our Spinal Column. In other words, "Keep your Back" and you have a good posture.

  • Lower Body: Feet, Ankles, Knees and Legs are more or less naturally fixed and unchangeable. However keeping a good Tone, keeping a good Base (Balance), and feeling the weight into the inside edges of the feet will add to good Posture.
  • Hips and Pelvis: "Tuck that Tusch In". This is very important and "tucking" your hips forward (with out exagerating) and bringing them in vertical with rest of the Spine (hang under your body) will improve your posture 50%. This will result in your thighs being more toned and forward and the lumbar lordosis diminish.
  • Lengthen your Spine: Yes, get in the habit of keeping your Spinal Column Long and as straight as possible but natural. Exercises: You can stand straight against a wall with your back of the heels, hips, shoulders and back of your head touching the wall; you have attained a straight and good posture. Take a CD case or a Book and place it on the top of your head and walk, keep balance and certainly you have improved your posture.
  • Nice Long Neck, Chin Up: Show your Proud Stance but dont be arrogant. Smile.

     Posture of course is not static: You have a sitting Posture and a Lying Down. Posture and all forms in between. Pay attention to your Back while you are driving or working on the desk. Easier said than done... hahaha.

Poise:  One dictionary defined it as "mental composure and good balance".  Poise, in dancing, can be defined as follows. "It is the distribution of weight consistent with the dance position at a particular time maintaining proper balance and shape". So Lady has her own poise Left and usually she is poised back to the left from waist up and Man his own left, more or less neutral. Some times we have more weight in our heels and then sometimes more in the toes. So Poise is constantly changing according to the situation.

Presentation:  So in addition to the above, there is more to "Presentation". Of course here comes the Personality, the Dress and Costume, Grooming and the interpersonal relationship of the dancing couple. These are only a few of the attributes that I can think of. I think being natural and presenting your own best seems to be the answer.